Cignal Digital Cable TV Subscribe Now!

Cignal Digital Cable TV Subscribe Now!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cignal Application Form And Requirements

Download the application form for new installation here and prepare the requirements needed for the Cignal plan you want to subscribe.

Before we proceed I want first to discuss the Terms And Conditions once you fill up the form and start using Cignal digital cable service.

  • First there's a 24 months or two years lock in period.  Meaning you agree to pay for next two years for the cable service.  If for some reasons you don't want to continue, you will have to pay a reasonable fee for pre-termination.
  • You will receive your Cignal Kit  for free(not for prepaid plan) including the satellite dish (antenna, mounting and pheriperals),set top box, RCA cable, 15 meters RG6 cable, remote control and Cignal card.
  • There's a maintenance fee for every box installed in your home or business.  This is to ensure the warranty of your box.
  • There's an installation fee of P1000.00 minimum and may change with the location and the materials will be used.
  • For additional box, there's an installation fee of P500.00 if installed the same day your first box is installed.  Otherwise, you will be pay P1000.00 like a regular installation fee.

Let us continue.  Below are the requirements you need to complete and submit to Cignal TV.

Postpaid Requirements

1. Completed Service Application Form - Download here or you could ask it from me.

2. Proof of Identification – must be standard and locally-issued with photo and signature

Examples of Valid IDs:

  • Phil. Driver's License
  • Passport with signature
  • Locally issued credit card with picture
  • SSS/GSIS/TIN ID (digitized card type)
  • New Unified Multi-purpose ID
  • Voter's ID (card type)
  • Company ID
  • Senior Citizen's ID

3. Proof of Billing

Billing address indicated on the Service Application Form must be consistent with the POB submitted. POB must be current.

Submit any of the following:

  • Postpaid Mobile / Broadband Bill
  • Credit Card Bill
  • Electricity Bill
  • Cable Bill
  • Landline Bill
  • Insurance Premium Bill
  • Club Membership Bill

4. Proof of Income

Submit any of the following:

  • Payslip
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Latest ITR
  • OFW Allotmment/ at least 3 months of remittance slip
  • SMART/Sun / Globe Postpiad SOA (mobile/mobile-data bundle)
  • Credit Card SOA
  • PLDT Landline/Internet/Bundle SOA
  • Electricity Bill
  • Cable Bill
  • Non-PLDT Landline/Internet/Bundle SOA
  • Bank Statement/ Passbook

For Prepaid plan please complete and prepare the following requirements.

Prepaid Requirements

1. Completed Service Application Form
2. Valid ID


• Submitted service application forms and required documents are subject for review and approval by Cignal TV, Inc.
• Applications with incomplete requirements will not be processed.

Finally you can apply online fill up the form and we will call you to confirm the schedule installation of your Cignal TV.

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