Cignal Digital Cable TV Subscribe Now!

Cignal Digital Cable TV Subscribe Now!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cignal Subscription Plan And Installation Cost

cignal kit

Cignal have 3 subscription plans you can choose from. Namely Postpaid or the Residential plan, Commercial plan and the Prepaid plan. Each have a corresponding cash out before your Cignal kit will be installed.

Cignal kit includes:

A. Satellite dish - Antenna, mounting and peripherals
B. RCA Cable
C. 15 meters RG6 cable
D. Remote control
E. Cignal Card

Learn each and every plan and decide which one you would like to subscribe. You should choose wisely like what channels you need most and consider your reserve monthly budget for your family entertainment.

The most basic is prepaid plan which your cable connection disconnect automatically once your load expire for one month. You could manage your budget using this connection because you can only watch Cignal cable TV if you have budget for a month. The only downside of choosing this plan is if you are in the middle of watching your favorite program and your load expire for that time period, you will miss it and you will have to rush to the convenience store just to load your Cignal and catch up with your movie.

Check out the complete details: Prepaid Plan

Next to the Prepaid plan is the Residential or the Postpaid plan. Unlike the prepaid you will have a steady cable connection month after month because you are subscribe to a monthly connection. You will not experience any interruption in your connection and you could watch your favorite program without the fear of losing your cable connection because no load will expire or disconnection that would occur.

Check out the complete details: Residential or Postpaid Plan

Finally the last plan you would consider is the the Commercial Plan. This is great for small businesses or big companies who wants to have cable connection in their company. This is useful if you want to entertain your customers while they are waiting.

Check out the complete details: Commercial Plan

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