Cignal Digital Cable TV Subscribe Now!

Cignal Digital Cable TV Subscribe Now!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happy customer from Davao

Wherever you are Cignal Cable TV can serve you because you could watch your favorite program using the latest Satellite connection made possible by Cignal. Today I want to share with you a happy customer from Davao.

Here's what Buchay said:

"Before we went on vacation to Davao I had made arrangements in subscribing for Cignal Digital Cable for my mom’s house. I was lucky to make the application done here in Manila as I cut at least 50% of the coordination crap that they do for installation procedure. Since my mom has a traditional CRT TV which I actually gave her (handed-over) my brother and I who will be sharing the monthly expenses for the cable subsrciption decided to lease the kit and subscribe for Plan 390 + 100 for lease so thats Php 490 monthly. It has around 25 channels unfortunately Nat Geo is not included in the package which my brothers wouldve wanted. Well, anyway they will have it upgraded soon as they are ready. I am just happy that my mom would not have to endure the pain of poor TV signal because of the traditional antenna anymore."

You can find the blog here

As for the installation procedure I'm not sure what happened but there's a certain requirements we follow before we setup the Cignal kit.


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